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Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies – Linzer Karika

These classic little cookies from a few ingredients are always a hit. They are crumbly in texture and delicate in flavour. I would make them all year round not just at Christmas. Fun to make and worth a try! Ingredients – makes 16 pieces (5”…
hungarian halaszlu, fisherman's soup

Hungarian Fisherman’s Soup – Halászlé

There are quite a few regional differences in the ways to cook fisherman’s soup in Hungary. The three main known versions are from the region of Lake Balaton, from the southern town of Baja by the Danube or perhaps the most famous if from the…

Hungarian Cabbage Stew a la “Székely”- Székelykáposzta

A true winter warmer, made with soured cabbage and tender stewed meat, often seen on the Christmas table too. Usually prepared in large quantities then reheated thoroughly with a bit of water  the next day(s) again.  Custom says the more you reheat this dish the…
Lentil salad

New Years Eve Lentil Salad

New Years Eve is fast approaching when lentils are a popular choice on the menu as it would bring wealth and money according to one of the many traditional beliefs. This is a lighter lentil based party salad with cooked carrots, speckled with cheese cubes,…

Featherlight Sesame Bites – Krumplis Pogácsa

Perfect party snack or weekend nibble.  These scones are incredibly soft and light even the next day thanks to the mashed potato in the dough.  Could be made to use up any mashed potato leftovers (adjusting the butter content accordingly  if the ready-made mash is…
Hungarian stuffed cabbage

Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage – Töltött Káposzta

A typical winter dish that could be made with pork, beef or a mixture of both. There are slight differences preparing the dish across the regions of Hungary and according to family traditions. Some stuff savoy cabbage leaves instead of white cabbage, some use dill…
Zserbo Cake

Zserbo Cakes step by step

A Hungarian Christmas classic. The apricot jam and walnut encased in the crumbly pastry with the smooth rich chocolate top taste delicious together. My whole close and extended family expects (demands) these at Christmas now since I first ventured to make them a couple of…
Snowy Crescent Cakes, Hókifli

Snow Crescents, Hungarian Christmas Cookies

Delicate filled Christmas cookies with a generous dusting of icing sugar. They keep very well for days or even over a week so can be made ahead of the festivities and stored in a tin for friends and visitor drop ins, they are lovely with…

Hungarian Sauerkraut “Hangover” Soup – Korhely Leves

Sauerkraut is naturally fermented cabbage that taste refreshingly sour and bears many health benefits especially for the digestive system. A popular dish in Hungary during the overindulging Christmas festivites and also affectionatley known as the hangover soup. Ingredients 300 g sauerkraut (shredded fermented cabbage) 2…
Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread

Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread Pudding

This lovely Hungarian dessert is made of the crescent shaped Hungarian bread-roll “kifli”, grinded poppy seeds, milk, vanilla and honey. A favoured pudding at the Christmas festivities as the plentiful of little poppy seeds traditionally were believed to bring luck and fortune. Ingredients 300g sweet…

Cheese Scones – Sajtos Pogácsa

These scones are fluffy and light and make a pretty good party snack or weekend treat. The recipe could be extended or changed easily, could use feta cheese and extra sliced olives, maybe chopped sun dried tomatos for a Mediterranean feel. Ingredients (makes about 40…

Floating Islands Dessert / Eggs in Snow / Madártej

This heavenly family dessert is living a bit of a renaissance these days in Hungary even appearing on the dessert list of some posh restaurants.  Made with milk eggs sugar and vanilla, it is a chilled  crème anglaise with a fluffy meringue top.  Similar dishes…

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