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“Kossuth” Hungarian Lemon Walnut Crescents – Kossuth Kifli

A simple but special light buttery lemon sponge cakes with toasted sugary walnuts on top. The name is paying homage to Lajos Kossuth, lawyer, journalist, politician, statesman and Governor-President of the Kingdom of Hungary during the revolution of 1848–49. The story goes that he spent…
hungarian easter cheese

Hungarian Easter Cheese – Sárga Túró

This sweet egg and milk based dish is part of the Easter menu especially North-East Hungary. Often made for Easter Sunday when traditionally food was taken to the church for blessing.  It’s a bit like a solid mild custard, the texture is more like cooked…
easter bread

Easter Plaited Milk Bread – Húsvéti kalács

  This light sweet plaited loaf looks fabulous on the Easter table and is often paired with savory ham slices and cooked eggs.  They are also great simply buttered with jam. It’s a yeast dough slightly sweetened with sugar. Fat is introduced in the form…
finom fozelek

Kohlrabi, Carrots and Pea Pottage – Finom Főzelék

The Hungarian name translates to Tasty or Yummy Pottage, the name may be an indication that this mild and slightly sweet vegetable stew is usually liked by children. I used to love this as a kid, when it was served up a bit more often…
spinach sauce

Garlic Spinach Sauce – Spenót Főzelék

Spinach “fozelek” – pottage, stew is a great spring and early summer treat after the long winter days. Usually eaten as a lunch/main course with a variation of eggs, eggy bread or fried meat patties.  Spinach garlic and black pepper being the main ingredients, this…
Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies – Linzer Karika

These classic little cookies from a few ingredients are always a hit. They are crumbly in texture and delicate in flavour. I would make them all year round not just at Christmas. Fun to make and worth a try! Ingredients – makes 16 pieces (5”…

Paprika Mushroom Stew – Gomba Paprikas

A nice alternative to meat dishes with all the taste. It’s very similar to the Hungarian classic paprika chicken but with mushrooms. Ingredients (4 persons) 500 gram (1.1lb) white mushrooms (sliced into chunks) 1 tablespoon oil (sunflower or olive) 1 large yellow onion (finely chopped)…
gooseberry sauce

Hungarian Goosberry Sauce – Egresmártás, Piszkeszósz

These light green sometimes pink blushed summer berries are somewhat underappreciated today, but they make refreshing sweet desserts (I love a gooseberry fool!). Less known to be served with savory dishes. The tar sauce can enhance all kinds of rich, fatty meats and fish too,…

Hungarian Cherry Sponge Cake – Cseresznyés Lepény

A delicious versatile cake to make with many seasonal fruits of the continental summer. Cherry or sour cherry being most popular but the apricot and plum ones are very nice too. These were often served in Hungary after a heavier soup as a second course…
scoth bonnet mushroom soup

Scotch Bonnet wild mushroom soup – Szegfűgomba leves

I came across these little field mushrooms by off-chance in the local park, after a couple of days of heavy rainfall. These are Scotch Bonnets or fairy ring mushrooms (and I did find these forming a large ring in the grass) They make a nice…
Casino eggs

Casino Eggs – Kaszinó tojás

The casino eggs are often features ar buffets and cold platters, nearly always served with the colourful vegetable salad in creamy dressing which in Hungary is called the “French salad”, but elsewhere you might have heard of a similar dish called “Russian salad”. This is…
hungarian doughnuts

Hungarian Doughnut ribbons – Csörögefánk, forgácsfánk

These doughnuts might be called dough-knots as you literally making a kind of knot on the pastry ribbons before frying. They are tasty and indulgent without being too heavy. February is the time of the year when in Hungary traditionally doughnuts are eaten. Before lent…
Hungarian dessert recipes

Golden Walnut Dumplings – Aranygaluska

I meant to make this for a long time and can’t remember when I had it last. Well, it is very nice! A perfect Sunday lunch family treat. The Hungarian name “arany-galuska” here literally means “golden nuggets” or maybe “glorified noodles” but they probably best…
hungarian bean soup

Hungarian Style Bean Soup – Magyaros Bableves

I call this soup Hungarian style as it is packing in the flavours but really is a quick and convenient version of the traditional and heavier bean soup made with smoked meats and the freshly made pasta “csipetke”. This vesion is completely meat free, made…

Sweet Jam Filled Buns – Lekváros bukta

These soft and light jam filled buns are often served as a second course after a soup lunch. Any leftovers would be nice for breakfast with tea or coffee.   I found some “plum butter” in the supermarket, which gave me the idea to have a go…
poppy seed apricot dumplings

Poppy-seed Apricot Dumplings – Mákos Barackos Gombóc

One of the highlights of  summer is when the golden deep yellow apricots come into season. Hungary is blessed with a wonderful climate for this fruit. My family used to have a big apricot orchard and  I never got tired picking the fruit there.  Jam…

Vegetable Marrow Stew with Dill – Tökfőzelék

The creamy vegetable marrow stew is best paired with the obligatory bunch of finely chopped dill, they are really well matched. Nearly always served with a splash or two of vinegar that nicely balances out the sourcream, making it into a refreshing summer dish. Served…
zöldborsófőzelék recept

Hungarian Green Pea Stew – Zöldborsófőzelék

An easy-peasy healthy little dish, very popular as an everyday main course that only takes a few minutes to prepare. Makes a nourishing vegetarian meal on its own, goes well with fried or boiled eggs, or could be served with some meat like fasirozott, meat…
Hungarian Apple Cake

Apple slices – Almás pite

Simple and delicious little cakes with the winning combination of crumbly pastry, apples fused with cinamon and vanilla, perfect with a cup of coffee. Sprinkle some roughly chopped walnuts in the filling to make it even better .

Hungarian Egg Dumplings – Tojásos nokedli

A nice spring summer dish, light and fluffy dumplings with creamy egg.  The variations are endless and you can add your own extras to it. Sprinkle with chopped parsley or serve with some smokey fried bacon scattered on top. Another variation might be to add…
hungarian cabbage noodles

Hungarian Noodles with Cabbage – Káposztás tészta

Two basic ingredients, pasta and cabbage flavoured with a bit of caramelised sugar and freshly ground black pepper with a delicious result.  The flat square-shaped pasta is quite an authentic version but any pasta shape will do. I broke up some lasagna sheets here with good…
mushroom soup

Hungarian Mushroom Soup – Gomba Leves

This is a creamy soup using the classic Hungarian ingredients of paprika, onion, garlic and sour cream. I used chestnut mushrooms here but white mushrooms are just as fine.
Chocolate roll pastry

Hungarian Chocolate Roll Pastries – Kakaós tekercs

“Kakaós tekercs” (Chocolate roll) or “Kakaós csiga” (Chocolate snail) is a much-loved popular breakfast pastry in Hungary, especially amongst children, and the subject of mild envy at the elevenses break at school if someone had these. Story time: Once I politely offered a bit to…
hungarian cabbage in tomato sauce

Cabbage in tomato sauce – Paradicsomos Káposzta

A rustic vegetable dish usually served with roast meats or fasirozott (fried meatball patties) but nice with just some bread or langos bread. Despite being simple it can be very tasty if the cabbage is cooked right, tender but still retained a bit of bite…
bean soup

Hungarian Yellow “Green” Bean Soup

This soup is using only a few ingredients, ideal for a quick-lunch or as a starter for a bigger meal. The yellow wax bean variety  is  referred to as “green beans” in Hungary and most green bean dishes made with these. The soup has an…

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