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Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread

Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread Pudding

This lovely Hungarian dessert is made of the crescent shaped Hungarian bread-roll “kifli”, grinded poppy seeds, milk, vanilla and honey. A favoured pudding at the Christmas festivities as the plentiful of little poppy seeds traditionally were believed to bring luck and fortune. Ingredients 300g sweet…
Hungarian Cherry Cake

Hungarian Morello Cherry Pie – Meggyes Pite

Another morello cherry summer recipe following my earlier post on the chilled sour cherry soup. Ingredients 200g flour 200g butter at room temperature 250g caster sugar (150g for the dough, 100g to sprinkle the cherries with) 1 teaspoon of baking powder 2 medium eggs 800g…
Hungarian Cold Cherry Soup

Hungarian Chilled Sour Cherry Soup – Hideg Meggyleves

One of the nicest things to offer on hot summer days and evenings. This sour sweet soup served cold as an appetizer or starter. It is made of sour cherries, morello cherries and not the sweet cherry variety. The sour cherry season is short and…

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