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Chocolate roll pastry

Hungarian Chocolate Roll Pastries – Kakaós tekercs

“Kakaós tekercs” (Chocolate roll) or “Kakaós csiga” (Chocolate snail) is a much-loved popular breakfast pastry in Hungary, especially amongst children, and the subject of mild envy at the elevenses break at school if someone had these. Story time: Once I politely offered a bit to…
Hungarian pancakes

Hungarian Pancakes – Palacsinta

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Hungarian pancakes are one of a kind, more like crepes. I find them quite distinctive from other types of just as lovely pancakes I tasted elsewhere. They are thin and delicate, made with part milk and part sparkling water, giving it…
Zserbo Cake

Zserbo Cakes step by step

A Hungarian Christmas classic. The apricot jam and walnut encased in the crumbly pastry with the smooth rich chocolate top taste delicious together. My whole close and extended family expects (demands) these at Christmas now since I first ventured to make them a couple of…