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Hungarian Chicken Soup – Tyúkhúsleves

This is a cherished traditional starter for any family celebrations, weddings, christenings and very often served as a Sunday lunch starter (lunch is the most substantial meal of the day in Hungary). Lots of vegetables, tender meat chicken and egg noodles in a golden clear…

Hungarian Rich Lentil Soup

Traditionally Hungarians make lentil soup on New Years Day as a symbol or promotion of desired financial prosperity in the new year.   The recipe can be easily altered to make a delicious vegetarian version, or made even more spicy by using sliced gyulai or similar…

Hungarian Creamy Chicken Ragout Soup

A fragrant creamy chicken soup with tarragon and fresh vegetables.  It’s light yet rich with an earthy depth just when the subtle lemon and hint of mustard surprises you. This sophisticated little dish won’t hang around for long, guaranteed!