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hungarian easter cheese

Hungarian Easter Cheese – Sárga Túró

Looks somewhat like cheese but it’s quite different. This sweet egg and milk based dish is part of the Easter menu especially North-East Hungary. Often made for Easter Sunday when traditionally food was taken to the church for blessing.  It’s similar to a solid mild…
Russian eggs, Casino eggs

Casino Eggs – Kaszinó tojás

The casino eggs are often features ar buffets and cold platters, nearly always served with the colourful vegetable salad in creamy dressing which in Hungary is called the “French salad”, but elsewhere you might have heard of a similar dish called “Russian salad”. This is…

Hungarian Egg Dumplings – Tojásos nokedli

A nice spring summer dish, light and fluffy dumplings with creamy egg.  The variations are endless and you can add your own extras to it. Sprinkle with chopped parsley or serve with some smokey fried bacon scattered on top. Another variation might be to add…

Floating Islands Dessert / Eggs in Snow / Madártej

This heavenly family dessert is living a bit of a renaissance these days in Hungary even appearing on the dessert list of some posh restaurants.  Made with milk eggs sugar and vanilla, it is a chilled  crème anglaise with a fluffy meringue top.  Similar dishes…

Hungarian Layered Potato – Rakott Krumpli

A Hungarian culinary classic which is not difficult to assemble, but takes a little preparation and cooking time.  As a popular family meal and children’s favourite, it makes a good  dinner alone or stands as a second course after a lighter soup. Try with gherkins…
Spicy scrambled eggs

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Spicy Sausage

Breakfast time! On a lazy weekend this spiced up scrambled egg with a cup of tea will set you off for the rest of the day, Hungarian style!