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finom fozelek

Kohlrabi, Carrots and Pea Pottage – Finom Főzelék

The Hungarian name translates to Tasty or Yummy Pottage, the name may be an indication that this mild and slightly sweet vegetable stew is usually liked by children. I used to love this as a kid, when it was served up a bit more often…
spinach sauce

Garlic Spinach Sauce – Spenót Főzelék

Spinach “fozelek” – pottage, stew is a great spring and early summer treat after the long winter days. Usually eaten as a lunch/main course with a variation of eggs, eggy bread or fried meat patties.  Spinach garlic and black pepper being the main ingredients, this…
gooseberry sauce

Hungarian Goosberry Sauce – Egresmártás, Piszkeszósz

Introducing a unique addit Introducing the somewhat underappreciated summer berry – gooseberries! These light green and pink blushed fruits make refreshing sweet desserts and pair well with savory dishes. In England, they’re used in a gooseberry stew with mackerel, while in Hungary, they’re transformed into…
zöldborsófőzelék recept

Hungarian Green Pea Stew – Zöldborsófőzelék

An easy-peasy healthy little dish, very popular as an everyday main course that only takes a few minutes to prepare. Makes a nourishing vegetarian meal on its own, goes well with fried or boiled eggs, or could be served with some meat like fasirozott, meat…