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hungarian bean soup

Hungarian Style Bean Soup – Magyaros Bableves

I call this soup Hungarian style as it is packing in the flavours but really is a quick and convenient version of the traditional and heavier bean soup made with smoked meats and the freshly made pasta “csipetke”. This vesion is completely meat free, made…
Lentil salad

New Years Eve Lentil Salad

New Years Eve is fast approaching when lentils are a popular choice on the menu as it would bring wealth and money according to one of the many traditional beliefs. This is a lighter lentil based party salad with cooked carrots, speckled with cheese cubes,…
Yellow Split Pea Soup

Creamed Yellow Split Pea Soup with sauteed chorizo

A hearty creamy soup of yellow split peas, which are cooked till falling apart. It is a somewhat modernised version of the Hungarian “Sárgaborsó Főzelék” where instead of using flour to thicken the dish I pureed it in a food processor which I found makes…

Hungarian Rich Lentil Soup

Traditionally Hungarians make lentil soup on New Years Day as a symbol or promotion of desired financial prosperity in the new year.   The recipe can be easily altered to make a delicious vegetarian version, or made even more spicy by using sliced gyulai or similar…