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Hungarian jellied meat

Festive jellied meat – Kocsonya

Kocsonya [ˈkot͡ʃoɲɒ] is an Eastern European festive dish, that truly defines the “nose to tail” eating that entails using the less fashionable cuts.  “If you’re going to kill the animal it seems only polite to use the whole thing.”  as the often quoted Fergus Henderson said in…

Sztrapacska, Strapačky, Haluska, Halušky

This characteristic soft egg noodle with finely grated potatoes in the dough is poached in a creamy sheep cheese sauce and has crispy lardons scattered on top.  Widely known to originate from the Slovakian region, with Hungary as a firm fan. Hungarians mostly refer to…
finom fozelek

Kohlrabi, Carrots and Pea Pottage – Finom Főzelék

The Hungarian name translates to Tasty or Yummy Pottage, the name may be an indication that this mild and slightly sweet vegetable stew is usually liked by children. I used to love this as a kid, when it was served up a bit more often…
spinach sauce

Garlic Spinach Sauce – Spenót Főzelék

Spinach “fozelek” – pottage, stew is a great spring and early summer treat after the long winter days. Usually eaten as a lunch/main course with a variation of eggs, eggy bread or fried meat patties.  Spinach garlic and black pepper being the main ingredients, this…

Paprika Mushroom Stew – Gomba Paprikas

This recipe features a traditional Hungarian paprika mushroom stew that is ideal for colder seasons. It provides a great meat-free alternative with all the flavor. The dish is very similar to the classic Hungarian paprika chicken, but with mushrooms. For a complete and satisfying meal,…
gooseberry sauce

Hungarian Goosberry Sauce – Egresmártás, Piszkeszósz

Introducing a unique addit Introducing the somewhat underappreciated summer berry – gooseberries! These light green and pink blushed fruits make refreshing sweet desserts and pair well with savory dishes. In England, they’re used in a gooseberry stew with mackerel, while in Hungary, they’re transformed into…
Russian eggs, Casino eggs

Casino Eggs – Kaszinó tojás

Casino eggs are a popular feature on buffets and cold platters. They are almost always served with a colourful vegetable salad in creamy dressing known as the “French salad” in Hungary, but elsewhere, elsewhere may be known as “Russian salad.” This recipe is a basic…
Fried breem fish - sult keszeg

Fried Bream – Sült keszeg

Walking around lake Balaton a stall selling fried fish is easy to come by. These are one of the seasonal kitchens next to the langos fried bread stalls, ice cream, beer and souvenir shops. The fish is freshly fried and simply served with thick slices…

Hungarian Braised Liver and Onions – Resztelt máj

Liver is nutritious and can be very tasty too, here is a quick way to serve it. The slightly caramellised soft onions give their own texture and sweetness to the earthy rich liver. It is spiced subtly with a ripe tomato, paprika powder and a…
potato rosti recipe

Potato Rosti – Tócsni, lapcsánka, matutka, görhöny

These Hungarian potato cakes go by many names depending on the region, often causing friendly conversations to come to a halt as everyone tries to establish that they are talking about the same thing. They make for a great snack or side dish for meat…

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce – Paradicsomos Húsgombóc

Can’t go wrong with this crowd pleaser be it a family meal, weekday dinner. The ground meat is mixed with rice and binded with an egg like in quite a few of other Hungarian dishes. The tomato sauce could be made many different ways, from…
rakott karfiol layered cauliflower

Hungarian Layered Cauliflower – Rakott Karfiol

This is one of the layered vegetable dishes, a good way to use a head or two of cauliflowers and turn them into a tasty family dinner. I used minced beef but can use pork, turkey or even chicken.
sweet poppy seed pasta

Poppy-seed Pasta – Mákos Tészta

Poppy seed is widely used for a variety of sweet cakes and bakes in Hungary and this dish can’t be more simple to assemble.  All we need is some tagliatelle or wide strip pasta, poppy-seeds and sugar.  The only fiddly bit that the poppy-seeds must…

Vegetable Marrow Stew with Dill – Tökfőzelék

The creamy vegetable marrow stew is best paired with the obligatory bunch of finely chopped dill, they are really well matched. Nearly always served with a splash or two of vinegar that nicely balances out the sourcream, making it into a refreshing summer dish. Served…
zöldborsófőzelék recept

Hungarian Green Pea Stew – Zöldborsófőzelék

An easy-peasy healthy little dish, very popular as an everyday main course that only takes a few minutes to prepare. Makes a nourishing vegetarian meal on its own, goes well with fried or boiled eggs, or could be served with some meat like fasirozott, meat…

Hungarian Egg Dumplings – Tojásos nokedli

A nice spring summer dish, light and fluffy dumplings with creamy egg.  The variations are endless and you can add your own extras to it. Sprinkle with chopped parsley or serve with some smokey fried bacon scattered on top. Another variation might be to add…
hungarian cabbage noodles

Hungarian Noodles with Cabbage – Káposztás tészta

Two basic ingredients, pasta and cabbage flavoured with a bit of caramelised sugar and freshly ground black pepper with a delicious result.  The flat square-shaped pasta is quite an authentic version but any pasta shape will do. I broke up some lasagna sheets here with good…

Roast a la Brasov – Brassói Aprópecsenye

A filling meat and potato dish. A few variations are popular, but it is more than often made with diced pork, onions and generous serving of chopped garlic cooked with a few streaks of smokey bacon and mixed with diced potatoes.  The potatoes supposed to…
Hungarian Paprika potatoes

Hungarian Paprika Potatoes – Paprikás Krumpli

A quick tasty family supper dish. Serve with fresh crusty bread and maybe some pickled cucumbers on the side.