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Vegetable Marrow Stew with Dill – Tökfőzelék

The creamy vegetable marrow stew is best paired with the obligatory bunch of finely chopped dill, they are really well matched. Nearly always served with a splash or two of vinegar that nicely balances out the sourcream, making it into a refreshing summer dish. Served…

Yellow beans stew with paprika chicken

A nice lunch dish made with freshly picked yellow waxed beans, fresh dill and a good portion of sour cream. Served with a bit of meat stew like pörkölt or as on the picture (thanks mum!), paprika chicken. Good to try with green beans and…
wild garlic soup

Creamy Wild Garlic Soup

There is just something right about the way you can find things on Nature’s tray in abundance and turn them into the most delicious nutritious food.  Organic, local, plentyful and free. Wild garlic (or bear garlic) can be found in shady European woodlands or riverbanks…