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Hungarian Quark Cheese Noodles

Hungarian Quark Cheese Noodles – Túrós tészta

Hungarian quark cheese noodles, “túrós tészta” is a firm favourite with the entire population of Hungary. It’s not exactly a diet food but so easy to make and utterly delicious for an ocassional indulgence. Often served as a second course after hearty soups like goulash.…
Hungarian pancakes

Hungarian Pancakes – Palacsinta

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Hungarian pancakes are one of a kind, more like crepes. I find them quite distinctive from other types of just as lovely pancakes I tasted elsewhere. They are thin and delicate, made with part milk and part sparkling water, giving it…
Csirke Dubarry Modra

Chicken à la Dubarry

Whenever I’m in Budapest looking to grab a quick lunch I sooner or later will come across “Chicken Dubbary style” on the menus of takeaways and restaurants. The dish gained popularity in home cooking too. A little bit fiddly as the seared chicken is topped…
Hungarian Lángos

Lángos – Hungarian Fried Bread

A popular snack sold freshly made which can’t go amiss especially when holidaying by lake Balaton in Hungary. Here is a home-made version with added mashed potatoes that make the dough extra soft. Langos: 500 g white flower 250 g potato peeled, cooked and finely…

Cheese Scones – Sajtos Pogácsa

These scones are fluffy and light and make a pretty good party snack or weekend treat. The recipe could be extended or changed easily, could use extra sliced olives, chopped herbs,  maybe finely chopped sun dried tomatoes for a Mediterranean feel. Ingredients (makes about 40…