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gooseberry sauce

Hungarian Goosberry Sauce – Egresmártás, Piszkeszósz

Introducing a unique addit Introducing the somewhat underappreciated summer berry – gooseberries! These light green and pink blushed fruits make refreshing sweet desserts and pair well with savory dishes. In England, they’re used in a gooseberry stew with mackerel, while in Hungary, they’re transformed into…

Hungarian Cherry Sponge Cake – Cseresznyés Lepény

A delicious versatile cake to make with many seasonal fruits of the continental summer. Cherry or sour cherry being most popular but the apricot and plum ones are very nice too. These were often served in Hungary after a heavier soup as a second course…
poppy seed apricot dumplings

Poppy-seed Apricot Dumplings – Mákos Barackos Gombóc

One of the highlights of  summer is when the golden deep yellow apricots come into season. Hungary is blessed with a wonderful climate for this fruit. My family used to have a big apricot orchard and  I never got tired picking the fruit there.  Jam…
Hungarian apple slice cake

Apple slices – Almás pite

Simple and delicious little cakes with the winning combination of crumbly pastry, apples fused with cinamon and vanilla, perfect with a cup of coffee. Sprinkle some roughly chopped walnuts in the filling to make it even better .
Szilvas Gomboc, plum dumplings

Hungarian plum dumplings – szilvásgombóc

A family favourite and children’s delight. Ripe plum with a bit of sugar and  cinnamon encased in a soft potato dough cooked then rolled in toasted breadcrumbs. One of my grandmothers made these but only occassionally as she was always so busy around the house…
Wild rabbit in red wine with prunes

Wild Rabbit Braised in Red Wine, Herbs & Prunes

I had the good fortune to try this dish a few years back in Hungary at a Christening celebration only that it was made with wild boar. It was so delicious I decided this was my favourite game recipes to make next. Wild bore is…