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Hungarian Quark Cheese Noodles

Hungarian Quark Cheese Noodles – Túrós tészta

Hungarian quark cheese noodles, “túrós tészta” is a firm favourite with the entire population of Hungary. It’s not exactly a diet food but so easy to make and utterly delicious for an ocassional indulgence. Often served as a second course after hearty soups like goulash.…
Hungarian pancakes

Hungarian Pancakes – Palacsinta

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Hungarian pancakes are one of a kind, more like crepes. I find them quite distinctive from other types of just as lovely pancakes I tasted elsewhere. They are thin and delicate, made with part milk and part sparkling water, giving it…

Hungarian Quark Cheese Spread – Körözött

Lots if not all Hungarians know this one! A paprika spiced spread with finely chopped zingy onions and caraway seeds.  Best eaten simply with fresh crusty bread, tomatoes, peppers, spring onions.  It’s mostly made with quark from cow milk but also sometimes made with quark…
turogomboc, hungarian quark cheese dumplings

Hungarian Sweet Quark Cheese Dumplings

I even surprised myself how well these dumplings turned out.   They are warmingly filling, a savory-sweet dish that is a hot favourite in many if not all Hungarian kitchens.  It’s often offered in restaurants on their dessert list but also makes a decent second course…