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bone broth

Pork Bone Bouillon (broth) – Orja Leves

Often served as the glorious starter of Sunday family meals, these slow cooked aromatic broths are much valued for their taste and nutritional value. This version is made with the meaty upper rib part of the pork loin called baby back ribs. Cooked until the…

Semolina dumplings for chicken broth – Grízgaluska

These dumplings are served in clear broths usually chicken and they might take a bit of practice to get right but worth the effort. My grandmother used to be the master of making golden and airlight dumplings that were just perfect whilst running between her other…

Hungarian Chicken Soup – Tyúkhúsleves

This is a cherished traditional starter for any family celebrations, weddings, christenings and very often served as a Sunday lunch starter (lunch is the most substantial meal of the day in Hungary). Lots of vegetables, tender meat chicken and egg noodles in a golden clear…