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Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread

Hungarian Poppy Seed Bread Pudding

This lovely Hungarian dessert is made of the crescent shaped Hungarian bread-roll “kifli”, but can be substituted with plain bread rolls, brioche buns or sliced milk loaf.  It is a favoured pudding at the Christmas festivities as the plentiful poppy seeds traditionally were believed to…
Hungarian Cherry Cake

Hungarian Sour Cherry Lattice Pie – Meggyes Pite

Another sour cherry summer recipe following my earlier post on the chilled sour cherry soup. 800 gram (~1.8lb) sour cherries 200 gram (7 oz) pastry/plain flour 200 gram (1.7 stick) butter at room temperature 2 medium eggs 250 gram caster sugar (8.8 oz) (150g for the dough,…
Hungarian Cold Cherry Soup

Hungarian Chilled Sour Cherry Soup – Hideg Meggyleves

One of the nicest things to offer on hot summer days. This light sour-sweet soup is served very cold as a starter. Made with sour cherries not the sweet cherry variety and is incredibly refreshing in the heat. When I visited my family in the summer,…