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Hungarian Yellow “Green” Bean Soup

This soup is using only a few ingredients, ideal for a quick-lunch or as a starter for a bigger meal. The yellow wax bean variety  is  referred to as “green beans” in Hungary and most green bean dishes made with these. The soup has an…

Yellow beans stew with paprika chicken

A nice lunch dish made with freshly picked yellow waxed beans, fresh dill and a good portion of sour cream. Served with a bit of meat stew like pörkölt or as on the picture (thanks mum!), paprika chicken. Good to try with green beans and…
hungarian green bean soup

Hungarian Green Bean Soup

The sour cream and dill are the perfect compliment to the tasty green beans in this summery creamy soup. Serve with a nice slice of fresh crusty bread for a wholesome lunch. I left the beans in whole in the spur of the moment, usually…