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Hungarian Easter sweet bread

Chocolate Swirl Milk Bread – Kakaós kalács

Easter is a time of celebration and togetherness, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a freshly baked sweet Easter bread? The aroma of this chocolatey treat, with a hint of lemon, wafts through the house, filling it with warmth and joy.…
hungarian easter cheese

Hungarian Easter Cheese – Sárga Túró

Introducing a unique addition to your Easter menu – a sweet, egg and milk based dish from North-East Hungary that might resemble cheese at first glance, but is in fact quite different. Traditionally prepared for Easter Sunday when food is taken to the church for…
easter bread

Easter Plaited Milk Bread – Húsvéti kalács

This light and sweet plaited loaf is the perfect addition to any Easter table. It pairs beautifully with savory ham slices and cooked eggs, but it’s also great simply buttered with jam. The dough is made with yeast and slightly sweetened with sugar. To achieve…