A collection of Hungarian recipes and home cooking

Hungarian Tidbits

Author: Eva

Hungarian Easter sweet bread

Chocolate Swirl Milk Bread – Kakaós kalács

Easter is a time of celebration and togetherness, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a freshly baked sweet Easter bread? The aroma of this chocolatey treat, with a hint of lemon, wafts through the house, filling it with warmth and joy.…
Hungarian meringue cookies

Hungarian meringue and apricot jam cookies – Non plus ultra

The Latin name of “non plus ultra,” means excellent, unrivalled, and unmatched – and these little cookies truly live up to it! The traditional recipe is made with two thin shortbread biscuits sandwiched together with a thin layer of fruity apricot jam encased in a…
hungarian pogácsa

Wild Garlic Cheese Scones – Medvehagymás pogácsa

The fortunate who live in an area where wild garlic can be found, there is a small window of time in March – April when these fragrant pillowy scones can be made, it might just become a yearly event in the kitchen. When wild garlic…

Walnut and poppy-seed roll pastries – bejgli

Christmas in Hungary is the most important holiday and amongst many things means a time for bejgli! Families are busy making their own and they are stack high in the shops and markets too. By far the most popular are the walnut and poppy-seed paste…
honey cookies

Gingerbread Honey Cookies – Mézeskalács

These aromatic honey-ginger cookies are easy to make, ideal for tree decorations, make nice presents and good to eat on their own. The dough could be made days ahead and stored in the fridge until use. In Hungary shop bough spice mixes are a popular…
Hungarian jellied meat

Festive jellied meat – Kocsonya

Kocsonya [ˈkot͡ʃoɲɒ] is an Eastern European festive dish, that truly defines the “nose to tail” eating that entails using the less fashionable cuts.  “If you’re going to kill the animal it seems only polite to use the whole thing.”  as the often quoted Fergus Henderson said in…

Sztrapacska, Strapačky, Haluska, Halušky

This characteristic soft egg noodle with finely grated potatoes in the dough is poached in a creamy sheep cheese sauce and has crispy lardons scattered on top.  Widely known to originate from the Slovakian region, with Hungary as a firm fan. Hungarians mostly refer to…

Paprika Mushroom Stew – Gomba Paprikas

This recipe features a traditional Hungarian paprika mushroom stew that is ideal for colder seasons. It provides a great meat-free alternative with all the flavor. The dish is very similar to the classic Hungarian paprika chicken, but with mushrooms. For a complete and satisfying meal,…
hungarian cabbage noodles

Hungarian Noodles with Cabbage – Káposztás tészta

Two basic ingredients, pasta and cabbage flavoured with a bit of caramelised sugar and freshly ground black pepper with a delicious result.  The flat square-shaped pasta is quite an authentic version but any pasta shape will do. I broke up some lasagna sheets here with good…
Hungarian doughnuts

Hungarian Carnival Doughnuts – Farsangi fánk

In Hungary the carnival season (Farsang) that precedes Lent starts early January and ends mid February. During this time many fun festivities, masquerades, balls taking place in order to scare off winter and welcome spring. One of the traditional foods are these sweet doughnuts served…
mushroom soup

Hungarian Mushroom Soup – Gomba Leves

This is a creamy soup using the classic Hungarian ingredients of paprika, onion, garlic and sour cream. I used chestnut mushrooms here but white mushrooms are just as fine.
Hungarian Paprika potatoes

Hungarian Paprika Potatoes – Paprikás Krumpli

A quick tasty family supper dish. Serve with fresh crusty bread and maybe some pickled cucumbers on the side.
hungarian halaszlu, fisherman's soup

Hungarian Fisherman’s Soup – Halászlé

There are quite a few regional differences in the ways to cook fisherman’s soup in Hungary. The three main known versions are from the region of Lake Balaton, from the southern town of Baja by the Danube or perhaps the most famous if from the…

Hungarian Cabbage Stew a la “Székely”- Székelykáposzta

A true winter warmer, made with soured cabbage and tender stewed meat, often seen on the Christmas table too. Usually prepared in large quantities then reheated thoroughly with a bit of water  the next day(s) again.  Custom says the more you reheat this dish the…
Chocolate roll pastry

Hungarian Chocolate Roll Pastries – Kakaós tekercs

“Kakaós tekercs” (Chocolate roll) or “Kakaós csiga” (Chocolate snail) is a much-loved popular breakfast pastry in Hungary, especially amongst children, and the subject of mild envy at the elevenses break at school if someone had these. Story time: Once I politely offered a bit to…
Cabbage in tomato sauce

Cabbage in Tomato Sauce – Paradicsomos Káposzta

A rustic vegetable dish usually served with roast meats or fasirozott (fried meatball patties) but nice with just some bread or langos which is a fried flat bread. Despite being simple it can be very tasty if the cabbage is cooked right, tender but still retained a…
Hungarian Fasirozott

Hungarian Meatball Patties – Fasírozott

A popular versatile meat dish a bit like a Hungarian hamburger, the meat is loosened up with some soaked then squeezed bread rolls and binded with a bit of egg. They are nicely spiced with finely chopped onions, garlic, paprika powder and fresh parsley. Often…
bean soup

Hungarian Yellow “Green” Bean Soup

This soup is using only a few ingredients, ideal for a quick-lunch or as a starter for a bigger meal. The yellow wax bean variety  is  referred to as “green beans” in Hungary and most green bean dishes made with these. The soup has an…
Szilvas Gomboc, plum dumplings

Hungarian plum dumplings – szilvásgombóc

A family favourite and children’s delight. Ripe plum with a bit of sugar and  cinnamon encased in a soft potato dough cooked then rolled in toasted breadcrumbs. One of my grandmothers made these but only occassionally as she was always so busy around the house…