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hungarian easter cheese

Hungarian Easter Cheese – Sárga Túró

Looks somewhat like cheese but it’s quite different. This sweet egg and milk based dish is part of the Easter menu especially North-East Hungary. Often made for Easter Sunday when traditionally food was taken to the church for blessing.  It’s similar to a solid mild…
potato rosti recipe

Potato Rosti – Tócsni, lapcsánka, matutka, görhöny

A dish with a thousand names in Hungarian, depending on region, known to bring friendly conversation to a halt where the participants just look at each other try not to smile at the other’s name, establish that they mean the same thing, then carry on…
Hungarian Bread Dumpling

Hungarian Bread Dumplings

Hungarians usually serve these tasty dumplings to accompany meat ragouts/stews especially rabbit and various game. They are not difficult to prepare and make an excellent alternative to potatoes or rice.
Lentil salad

New Years Eve Lentil Salad

New Years Eve is fast approaching when lentils are a popular choice on the menu as it would bring wealth and money according to one of the many traditional beliefs. This is a lighter lentil based party salad with cooked carrots, speckled with cheese cubes,…
Rizibizi, Rice with Peas

Rizi bizi

Rizi bizi is made with rice and peas and usually served as a side dish with meat such as roast chicken, breaded veal or various stews. It is much loved in Hungary but originates from Venice. The Italian call it “Risi e Bisi” which is…

Potatoes with Caramelised Onions

A flavoursome rustic side dish, try it with harty roasts and  steaks. Ingredients: 50g goose fat (can substitute with butter or oil if prefer) 600-800g potatoes, peeled and diced to medium chunks 1 large onion or 2 medium one. 1 teaspoon of sugar (I used…
Braised red cabbage

Braised Red Cabbage

Perfect side dish for roast meats especially roast duck and goose or pork.  The taste is subtle with a lot going on from the caramelised sugar, little vinegar, caraway seeds and salt. Red cabbage is called “purple cabbage” in Hungarian which seems fitting. Ingredients: 1…
Hungarian Cucumber Salad with sour cream and dill

Hungarian cucumber salad

A very nice sweet-sour creamy garlicky salad, perfect accompaniment to many meat dishes. Some people like to peel the cucumbers for this as when the skin is too thick it can be a bit bitter, but usually it’s fine, so I left the skin on…