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Walnut and poppy-seed roll pastries – bejgli

Christmas in Hungary is the most important holiday and amongst many things means a time for bejgli! Families are busy making their own and they are stack high in the shops and markets too. By far the most popular are the walnut and poppy-seed paste…
honey cookies

Gingerbread Honey Cookies – Mézeskalács

These aromatic honey-ginger cookies are easy to make, ideal for tree decorations, make nice presents and good to eat on their own straight after baking. The dough could be made days ahead and stored in the fridge until use. Ingredients 200 gram [1 cup] granulated…

“Kossuth” Hungarian Lemon Walnut Crescents – Kossuth Kifli

A simple but special light buttery lemon sponge cakes with toasted sugary walnuts on top. The name is paying homage to Lajos Kossuth, lawyer, journalist, politician, statesman and Governor-President of the Kingdom of Hungary during the revolution of 1848–49. The story goes that he spent…
easter bread

Easter Plaited Milk Bread – Húsvéti kalács

  This light sweet plaited loaf looks fabulous on the Easter table and is often paired with savory ham slices and cooked eggs.  They are also great simply buttered with jam. It’s a yeast dough slightly sweetened with sugar. Fat is introduced in the form…
Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies – Linzer Karika

These classic little cookies from a few ingredients are forever collecting compliments. They are crumbly in texture and delicate in flavour, not complicated and keep well for a couple of days in an airtight container. One of the easy entertaining recipes to impress your guests…

Hungarian Cherry Sponge Cake – Cseresznyés Lepény

A delicious versatile cake to make with many seasonal fruits of the continental summer. Cherry or sour cherry being most popular but the apricot and plum ones are very nice too. These were often served in Hungary after a heavier soup as a second course…
hungarian doughnuts

Hungarian Doughnut ribbons – Csörögefánk, forgácsfánk

These doughnuts might be called dough-knots as you literally making a kind of knot on the pastry ribbons before frying. They are tasty and indulgent without being too heavy. February is the time of the year when in Hungary traditionally doughnuts are eaten. Before lent…
Hungarian dessert recipes

Golden Walnut Dumplings – Aranygaluska

I meant to make this for a long time and can’t remember when I had it last. Well, it is very nice! A perfect Sunday lunch family treat. The Hungarian name “arany-galuska” here literally means “golden nuggets” or maybe “glorified noodles” but they probably best…

Sweet Jam Filled Buns – Lekváros bukta

These soft and light jam filled buns are often served as a second course after a soup lunch. Any leftovers would be nice for breakfast with tea or coffee.   I found some “plum butter” in the supermarket, which gave me the idea to have a go…
poppy seed apricot dumplings

Poppy-seed Apricot Dumplings – Mákos Barackos Gombóc

One of the highlights of  summer is when the golden deep yellow apricots come into season. Hungary is blessed with a wonderful climate for this fruit. My family used to have a big apricot orchard and  I never got tired picking the fruit there.  Jam…
sweet poppy seed pasta

Poppy-seed Pasta – Mákos Tészta

Poppy seed is widely used for a variety of sweet cakes and bakes in Hungary and this dish can’t be more simple to assemble.  All we need is some tagliatelle or wide strip pasta, poppy-seeds and sugar.  The only fiddly bit that the poppy-seeds must…
Hungarian Apple Cake

Apple slices – Almás pite

Simple and delicious little cakes with the winning combination of crumbly pastry, apples fused with cinamon and vanilla, perfect with a cup of coffee. Sprinkle some roughly chopped walnuts in the filling to make it even better .
Hungarian doughnuts

Hungarian Carnival Doughnuts – Farsangi fánk

In Hungary the carnival season (Farsang) that precedes Lent starts early January and ends mid February. During this time many fun festivities, masquerades, balls taking place in order to scare off winter and welcome spring. One of the traditional foods are these sweet doughnuts served…
Chocolate roll pastry

Hungarian Chocolate Roll Pastries – Kakaós tekercs

“Kakaós tekercs” (Chocolate roll) or “Kakaós csiga” (Chocolate snail) is a much-loved popular breakfast pastry in Hungary, especially amongst children, and the subject of mild envy at the elevenses break at school if someone had these. Story time: Once I politely offered a bit to…
Szilvas Gomboc, plum dumplings

Hungarian plum dumplings – szilvásgombóc

A family favourite and children’s delight. Ripe plum with a bit of sugar and  cinnamon encased in a soft potato dough cooked then rolled in toasted breadcrumbs. One of my grandmothers made these but only occassionally as she was always so busy around the house…
Hungarian pancakes

Hungarian Pancakes – Palacsinta

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Hungarian pancakes are one of a kind, more like crepes. I find them quite distinctive from other types of just as lovely pancakes I tasted elsewhere. They are thin and delicate, made with part milk and part sparkling water, giving it…

Featherlight Sesame Bites – Krumplis Pogácsa

Perfect party snack or weekend nibble.  These scones are incredibly soft and light even the next day thanks to the mashed potato in the dough.  Could be made to use up any mashed potato leftovers (adjusting the butter content accordingly  if the ready-made mash is…
Zserbo Cake

Zserbo Cakes step by step

A Hungarian Christmas classic. The apricot jam and walnut filling is encased in crumbly pastry layers, finished with a smooth chocolate top. My whole close and extended family expects these at Christmas since I first made them a couple of years ago. My very first attempt is…
Snowy Crescent Cakes, Hókifli

Snow Crescents, Hungarian Christmas Cookies

Delicate filled Christmas cookies with a generous dusting of icing sugar. They keep very well for days or even over a week so can be made ahead of the festivities and stored in a tin for friends and visitor drop ins, they are lovely with…