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Hello, Szia Welcome! I'm Eva, a Hungarian based in the UK who enjoys cooking and illustrating recipes. Some of these are family recipes from parents and grandparents and some are ambitious experiments to recreate an authentic taste I grew up with. I'm hoping to grow the collection bit by bit over time. Happy cooking!

This sweet egg based dish is part of the Easter menu especially North-East Hungary. Often made for Easter Sunday when traditionally food was taken to the church for blessing.  Try it with the savory ham or Easter bread. Ingredients – for 2-3 servings 500 millilitre (2.1 cups) milk – full cream is best 5 medium eggs [one egg for each 100 millilitre of milk] 1 tablespoon of sultanas (optional) grated zest of 0.5 lemon (optional) 1 teaspoon of vanilla extracts pinch of salt 2-3 level tablespoons of granulated sugar Method Break the eggs in a bowl, beat with a fork slightly until the yolks broke …

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