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Hungarian Tidbits

Hello, Szia Welcome! I'm Eva, a Hungarian based in the UK who enjoys cooking and illustrating recipes. Some of these are family recipes from parents and grandparents and some are ambitious experiments to recreate an authentic taste I grew up with. I'm hoping to grow the collection bit by bit over time. Happy cooking!

Christmas in Hungary is the most important holiday and amongst many things means a time for bejgli! Families are busy making their own and they are stack high in the shops and markets too. By far the most popular are the walnut and poppy-seed paste filled rolls. According to folk legend eating walnuts protects and keeps evil spells away while poppy-seed brings prosperity in the house. They taste delicious too, usually served with coffee after the family Christmas dinner. Ingredients for the dough, makes 4 bejglis 600 g (21 oz / 5 cups)  plain/all-purpose flour 170 g (3/4 cup, 1.5 sticks) margarine or butter 83 g (1/4 …

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