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Hungarian Rich Lentil Soup

Traditionally Hungarians make lentil soup on New Years Day as a symbol or promotion of desired financial prosperity in the new year.   The recipe can be easily altered to make a delicious vegetarian version, or made even more spicy by using sliced gyulai or similar…

Hungarian Layered Potato – Rakott Krumpli

A Hungarian culinary classic which is not difficult to assemble, but takes a little preparation and cooking time.  As a popular family meal and children’s favourite, it makes a good  dinner alone or stands as a second course after a lighter soup. Try with gherkins…

Meat Stew (pörkölt) with Pasta

Ingredients for two people I used pork in this, but it can be made with most meats just to list the most popular:  chicken, beef, lamb or turkey.
Spicy scrambled eggs

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Spicy Sausage

Breakfast time! On a lazy weekend this spiced up scrambled egg with a cup of tea will set you off for the rest of the day, Hungarian style!
turogomboc, hungarian quark cheese dumplings

Hungarian Sweet Quark Cheese Dumplings

I even surprised myself how well these dumplings turned out.   They are warmingly filling, a savory-sweet dish that is a hot favourite in many if not all Hungarian kitchens.  It’s often offered in restaurants on their dessert list but also makes a decent second course…